The ABCs of Webinars: The #1 Way Grant Gets Customers 
Welcome back to the Back Stage Blog where, every week, we take you through the four points that will lead you to your dream stage in front of your dream audience. The best way to get the spotlight on your message or your business is through the power of a stage. Now, I’m not just talking about in-person conferences or presentations in front of a room full of people. You can step on a stage when you have an audience with one person at a coffee shop or in a boardroom with ten people. You step on a stage every time you use your social media platform to talk about your business.

How to build an incredible talk.
How to build your business through products and services.
How to put yourself on Other People's Stages (OPS).
How to start building your own stages.

This blog is a stage! You can have your own physical stage, and you can have your own digital stage. There are numerous stages that the digital world has to offer you! And you don’t have to wait for an invitation!

Today, we are going to talk about one of the most powerful stages you can use to grow your business and share your message: the platform of digital WEBINARS.

Webinars have become a powerful tool for businesses to reach and engage their audience, and the potential they offer for customer acquisition is enormous. In this post, we'll break down the ABCs of crushing a sales webinar. From attracting attendees to delivering a successful presentation and even converting it into an evergreen asset, we'll cover it all. Listen folks, I know a guy who took his brick-and-mortar business onto the platform of a webinar, and he immediately saw more growth than he had seen for the entire decade prior! Hang on to the end because I’m going to go deeper and share some things I’ve never taught before… Not just the ABCs but the D and E as well!

A - Attendees: 

Before you dive into creating a webinar, remember this: attendees are the lifeblood of your presentation. Without a receptive audience, your efforts will be in vain. Don't worry if you can't draw hundreds of participants like the big players; even reaching 50 or 100 interested individuals can be a game-changer for your business.

To attract attendees, consider these strategies:
  1. Organic Promotion: Post about your upcoming webinar on your social media channels and website. Engage your audience by sharing captivating content that highlights the value they'll receive from attending.
  2. Direct Messaging and Group Participation:  Reach out personally to potential attendees through direct messages and promote your webinar within relevant groups where your target audience hangs out.
  3. Leveraging Your Email List: If you have an email list, send out invitations to your subscribers. Your email list is a valuable asset that can drive substantial attendance.
  4. Strategic Partners and Affiliates: Collaborate with partners and affiliates who can promote your webinar to their audiences. Offer them an incentive, such as a percentage of sales, to encourage their participation.
  5. Paid Advertising:  Consider running paid ads to reach a specific target audience that might be interested in your webinar topic.

B - Build a Captivating Webinar Presentation

Now that you have your attendees lined up, it's time to move to the second step: building a webinar. The goal is to craft a compelling presentation that keeps your audience  engaged from start to finish. To do this, you’ll need a captivating title and a sexy signature talk, which are the two main elements of your webinar. Your title should grab the attention of your audience and make them curious to learn more.

Your Signature Talk is your carefully crafted talk  that delivers valuable content and persuades your audience to take action.

(To create a great signature talk, you can use the Story Braid Framework, which is a method of crafting a compelling talk using stories, facts, and action steps. To learn more about the Story Braid Framework, read our previous episode with Pat Quinn, who is an expert on creating signature talks. >>>link to blog with Pat Quinn)

C - Call to Action

One of the most important aspects of a successful webinar is the call to action. This is the part where you invite your audience to take the next step, whether it is to buy your product or service or to book a phone call with you.

The call to action should happen towards the end of your webinar after you have delivered valuable content and built trust with your audience. However, the call to action also depends on the price point of your offer.
If you are selling something that costs between $200 and $3,000, you can ask your audience to buy directly from your webinar.

If you are selling something that costs more than $3,000, you should ask your audience to book a phone call with you instead. This way, you can have a more personalized conversation and overcome any objections they might have.

D - Deliver and Duplicate: 

The final step of creating a successful webinar is to deliver and duplicate it. This means that you need to pick a date and commit to doing your webinar, even if you don’t have everything ready yet. The first webinar is always the hardest, but you will learn and improve with each one. The more you do it, the more confident and comfortable you will become.

The purpose of your webinar is to convert your audience into buyers or phone calls, depending on how much your product or service costs.

You should aim for a conversion rate of 10% for sales and 15-20% for scheduling calls, which are the industry standards.

One of our clients has achieved a remarkable success rate of 75% with phone calls, which means that three out of four people who book a call with them end up buying their $20,000 program.

So don’t be afraid to deliver and duplicate your webinar until you get the results you want.
Okay, now for some added bonus material. You now know the ABCs for starting your own webinar. But I want to share with you two more points - the D and E.

D - Deliver Again:

Once you've mastered the live webinar, it's time to level up by turning it into an evergreen asset that you can deliver again and again. Evergreen webinars are prerecorded and can be watched on demand, allowing you to scale your reach and impact. However, before going evergreen, ensure you've nailed the fundamentals of evergreen webinars.
Just like the live version, make sure your evergreen webinar maintains the same level of engagement and impact.

E -  Evergreen Conversion:

To succeed with evergreen webinars, focus on driving continuous traffic to the recorded presentation. Aim for a steady stream of new viewers, ideally reaching a point where people are signing up every few minutes.

Why Webinars are Grant’s Favorite Acquisition Channel

People ask us all the time which platform Grant prefers to use to share his message and products. By far, Grant’s favorite platform is webinars. Why? Because webinars are by far the most powerful customer acquisition channel for businesses across various industries.

Webinars offer:
  1. High Conversion Rates: With proper execution, webinars can achieve impressive conversion rates, driving sales or generating leads for your business.
  2. Scalability: Evergreen webinars allow you to reach a global audience, scaling your impact without increasing your live presentation time.
  3. Engagement and Connection: Webinars provide a platform for building genuine connections with your audience. Participants get to hear your voice, see your passion, and feel a personal connection to your brand.
  4. Educational Value: Webinars offer valuable insights, education, and training to your audience- providing quality content strengthens your credibility and authority in your field.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to hosting physical events, webinars are a cost-effective way to engage with a large audience.

Webinars are not just another tool; they're a powerful vehicle to drive your business forward. They can be a game-changer for your business when executed correctly. By mastering the fundamentals of webinars, you can significantly boost your customer acquisition efforts and grow your brand's influence.
Remember to focus on creating engaging content, attracting attendees, and continuously refining your approach.

We created a cheat sheet for additional insights and tips on mastering webinars, and you can grab it here - 

Ready to leave a lasting impression on your audience and make a significant impact in your industry? Go ahead, pick a date, and launch your first webinar!

Your Message Matters!
Pete Vargas