How I Built A 9-Figure Business… TWICE with Brandon Dawson 

Here's the thing. Most people don't want to pull back the curtain and show you what's working. Here at 10X Stages, that’s what we are all about! We are constantly pulling back the curtain to show you what you need to do to be the BEST. We want to show you what is working and put you on that path to being a world-class communicator. We want you to understand the products and services that you could be taking into your market to see exponential growth. We want to help you build your OWN stages and see you begin to get yourself on other people's stages (OPS). That's what this whole thing is about - getting your message out to the world because your message matters!

    Are you trying to figure out how to go to that next level in your business?

      Do you even know what that next level looks like from a revenue standpoint?

        Are you shooting for a six, seven, or maybe an eight-figure income?

          Today, we’re going to pull back that curtain and let you in on an interview we had with one of the most brilliant business minds out there, Mr. Brandon Dawson, who recently wrote a book called Nine-Figure Mindset. He didn’t just write the  book. He’s actually done it - and more than once! I sat down with Brandon and asked him several questions about his journey to creating a nine-figure income. Here are just a few points he made that will help you reach your revenue goals.

            Brandon saw outstanding business success, even at the start of his career in his twenties and early thirties. But he had to go through some significant trials and he had to challenge limiting mindsets to become the giant that he is today. I wanted to know about some of the struggles of Brandon’s early years and what processes brought him into a Nine-Figure Mindset.

              While Brandon was just catching his stride in business, he faced an enormous betrayal and disappointment. In a very sudden move, his private equity partner sold his business and fired him. He wasn’t prepared and he was left angry and floundering in confusion and a lack of purpose. He went through a season of loss as he looked back at the 10 years of research, the dreams of doing something bigger, and that feeling of “Taking the Hill” every day and winning. All of a sudden he had nothing to do. Brandon had to readjust his thinking to accept what had happened and to use it to propel him forward.

                The concept of The Four A’s is a result of what Brandon learned on his journey from disappointment to seeing his dreams come true. Maybe you are reading today and you’re in that place of frustration, anger, or disappointment. Maybe you are stunted by uncertainty on how to reach your goals. Here are some tried and true points to help you get out of the struggle and into clarity.

                  The Four A's: ACKNOWLEDGE, ACCEPT, ACT, & ATTACK. 


                        Wherever you are, just acknowledge it. Are you frustrated, angry, sad or disappointed? Take a moment to figure out what’s going on in your mind and emotions.


                                Brandon shared how his brother once explained to him that there's the way it could be, the way it should be, the way you'd like it to be, and the way it’s supposed to be. But at the end of the day, it is what it is. As soon as you acknowledge and accept what is, then you can ask yourself the next question: What would I like it to be? John Maxwell talks about the Law of Picture. This is so important because devoid of a picture, it's easy to get lost. You can't create directions when you don’t have a picture of where you're going.


                                        Stop talking about what's wrong or what you don’t want, and start creating the picture of what you do want. As you get a clear picture of what you want your life to look like, you will eliminate confusion. When you know what the target is, you can begin to take action.

                                            Brandon says, “What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do, and what you do is what you're known for.” 

                                                If you’re thinking and talking about what you want then you activate the Law of Attraction, and you’ll see those things begin to happen. You don't attract because you hope it comes to you. You attract when you move towards the stated objective. When you start taking action towards what you want, you're going to have more success than you would just sitting around talking about what you don't want. As you start to get a little bit of momentum, you’ll be ready to go all in,  and you ATTACK. 


                                                        When you get into ATTACK mode, your intention is set and you are thinking things like:

                                                            How many people a day do I talk to?

                                                                What do I say when I talk to them? 

                                                                    How do I move them to the next level of conversation? 

                                                                        How do I teach my team to do it?

                                                                            How do I find remarkable people? 

                                                                                How do I train them? 

                                                                                    How do I set those goals and teach my team to set goals? 

                                                                                        Your entire focus will shift and you’ll just start attacking it and obliterating it.

                                                                                            For many of you, you’re ready to ACKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT, but moving forward to ACT and ATTACK can seem overwhelming.

                                                                                                Truly, it’s not. Here are a few action steps you can take today.

                                                                                                    Write it down. If you have seven things you know you need to do to ACT, then write down those seven things.

                                                                                                        Order the items in the sequence of what you will do first.

                                                                                                            Start with one that will be easiest for you to do successfully.

                                                                                                                Make a decision. You can't do the second thing if you don't do the first.

                                                                                                                    Go do it. You will build momentum in the direction of success if you just get clear and take action.

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                                                                                                                        So, there you go. We’ve made this as easy as possible for you.

                                                                                                                            My question for you is, can you take advice from Brandon Dawson who is on pace to do over 135 million in revenue with no debt, no deployed capital, and from a pure startup with no employees? I sure hope so!

                                                                                                                                Brandon is one of the most brilliant business minds on the planet. If you want to gain the Nine-Figure Mindset, go to You're going to learn the exact process that Brandon Dawson went through to become who he is today. I promise you, this book will change your life.

                                                                                                                                    Capture more of Brandon’s success story and insider advice on Episode 10 of Backstage with PV3.

                                                                                                                                        Until next time,

                                                                                                                                            — Pete Vargas, III