Success, Growth, Resilience, and Authenticity | with Stormy Wellington 

We always aim to bring you the best of the best here at 10X Stages. And today, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Stormy Wellington is a powerhouse woman and is one of the best speakers that I've ever heard in my life. I’m going to share with you some amazing takeaways from an interview we recently had in our studio. Stormy is a successful network marketer and entrepreneur, a great investor, an inspiring coach, and an all-around incredible human being.

    Stormy’s Backstory:

      Stormy came from very humble beginnings. She shared with us that, at 13 years old, she was working in strip clubs just to pay the bills while her mom was selling drugs. She dropped out of school in the ninth grade when she became pregnant. She had her first child at 15. Stormy shared that she was proud of her story because, against all odds, she didn’t stay on that path. At age 19, she opened her own boutique where she first began to learn about retail sales and entrepreneurship. Through her struggles, she learned resilience, respect, integrity, character, and honor. She learned that how you start is not how you have to finish. Today, Stormy is a strong voice for those who didn’t have a great childhood and those who did not have the opportunity handed to them.

        Whether or not you will succeed has everything to do with your PERSPECTIVE.

          Have you ever heard the story of the two young men who were raised by a drunkard father? One became a billionaire, and one became a drunk. When asked why he had become a drunk, he answered, “Because my father was a drunk.” When the other son was asked why he was a billionaire, he answered, “Because my father was a drunk.” You see perspectives. Two perspectives are taken from the same childhood.

            Stormy decided at 8 years old that she would have a very different life than what she had been brought up in. She’s now coached 38 families to millionaire and multi-millionaire status in the last decade. She’s a top leader in the field of network marketing. She has written four best sellers. And she’s helped men and women everywhere to thrive out of struggle and pain and become the highest and best version of themselves. 

              Stop blaming people, your parents, or your past. 

                It’s said that you're born looking like your parents, but you die looking like your choices.

                    Stormy shares that sometimes you just have to decide that YOU are going to be the one to break the generational curses off your family. You can be the one that says, “It stops here because I was born and that's no longer going to be my family's history.”

                        What a story! And what an overcomer! We took time in the studio to ask Stormy some questions and we want to share her secrets to success with you.

                            What are some things you are learning in life?

                              “I’m learning how to step into my divine feminine power. I used to have a lot of dominant hard energy as a woman who dealt with a lot of trauma. I didn't know prior to recently that when you operate with such aggression that’s because you are operating from a lot of trauma.” Stormy has been on a journey diving into workshops, seminars, books, and courses that have allowed her to release some of that harsh aggression and settle into the beauty of her power as a woman. “It's so powerful when a woman doesn't feel like she has to stand up or prove a point or dim her light…. I look forward to other women experiencing this level of divine power.”

                                  She has learned how to release responsibility for things that were beyond her control and rewrite the story she tells herself in a way that pushes back fear and allows her to release power and love.

                                      “I've learned to use pain versus allowing pain to use me.”

                                        Pain has taken a lot of people out. Many people are no longer pursuing their dreams and goals because someone they thought would be with them chose to go another path and stopped pursuing the same goal with them. There are people who aborted the mission because of a divorce, family difficulties, or struggles with their health. But people fail to understand that adversity doesn’t have to make us retreat from the mission.

                                            “Adversity advances the assignment! Pass the test to your abundance!”

                                                Stormy’s Secrets to Success

                                                  “One of the things Grant says all the time is to repeat successful actions. So, I'm going to remember what I did when I was my most successful… I meditate every morning. I work out every day.”

                                                      Stormy’s company went from 10 million to 250 million. Then, they went from 250 million to 490 million. They are on the run to hit a billion dollars! Stormy offers these 5 power points to success.

                                                          1. Create the Vision
                                                            What are you here to do? Where are you going? How are you going to make an impact?

                                                          2. Clarity the Vision 
                                                            Know which players you need to have and possibly, which players need to go. There are some people on our teams that don't have the heart or energy to continue with us, and no matter how much you try, these people will discourage and drain you. You have to make the hard decisions to get the right people together to support the Vision.

                                                          3. Embrace Authenticity
                                                            Don't allow imposter syndrome and try to be like somebody else and deliver a message like them. There's a group of people that will call you. They need your look. They need your energy. They need your swagger. They need your candidness. They need your boldness. They need your story. Embrace yourself. Find that uniqueness that only you could bring. What is your IT FACTOR? Remember, you’ve got to be interesting to make people interested in you.

                                                          4. Be Resilient
                                                            Remember that you are selling yourself or your product with words and with actions. Align your words and your actions. Even when you are going through adversity, commit to passing the test to your abundance. You don’t want to be whining and disheveled while you are trying to sell the Vision you say you believe in. Believe in the Vision and commit to it no matter what hardships you may face. That's how you collapse decades into days - when you believe in spite of whatever the situation may look like.

                                                          5. Learn How To Communicate
                                                            One of the greatest skills that you can learn is how to communicate. This is an ongoing process for all of us, but we should want to communicate in a way that touches the heart.  We often think that we need to be the most prolific and articulate with an amazing vocabulary. But remember that when you get on a stage trying to be perfect or impressive, you can easily lose people with BIG WORDS and LOW ENERGY. People just want authenticity, but they want you to deliver your message in a way in which they can understand what you're saying. Better to be imperfect but bring an energy that shifts the room.

                                                            To be a great communicator, you must learn to effectively tell people WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. It’s human nature. So, you must learn how to articulate your product, your service, and your offer, efficiently and effectively.

                                                            One right conversation can make you decide to not be depressed anymore. One conversation can make you decide to go on a diet. One conversation can cause you to want to live instead of die. One conversation can make you change everything. So we should be forever pursuing and perfecting the art of communication.

                                                            Check out the full interview with Stormy in the video replay of this episode. My hope is that Stormy’s story inspires you to get up and take action! Stop making excuses and get clear on the Vision. We are here to help you in the journey to success. Take a step today by signing up for The Great American Speak Off. Stormy was one of our judges for the speak-off and had the chance to see firsthand how the contestants developed in leaps and bounds throughout the contest. Take your next step toward success and sign up at

                                                                Your Message Matters,
                                                                — Pete Vargas, III