The Greatest Marketing Tool You Have | with Pete Vargas III 

Welcome to Backstage with Pete Vargas III, where we take you behind the scenes every week to teach you how to get on those stages that will allow you to build your business and get your message out to the world!

    Today I want to talk to you about the absolute most important tool you must have in your tool belt if you want to get the job done. Times are not easy for a lot of folks right now. Recession is real and we are already seeing it. There’s one thing that will make you stand out from the rest and will allow you to prosper no matter what’s happening around you.

       The tool I am talking about is THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. 

        The most important thing you can do for your business is to learn how to communicate in a powerful way. We can talk about funnels, ads, websites, and webinars, and all these things will assist you greatly in building your business and getting your message out to the world. But if you don’t know how to communicate, no one will want to listen to what you have to say.

          I want to share with you today how I learned this for myself. I wish I had have figured this out earlier! But when I figured out what can happen when a great communicator steps on a stage, my life was radically changed. This is the story that led me to where I am today in life and in business. It was the very first event that I had ever attended, hosted by my good friend, Brendon Burchard. It was called The World's Greatest Speaker Training. I got in on a free ticket and when I checked in at the welcome desk, they asked me if I wanted to upgrade and be a part of the exclusive speaker training. They explained that for only $1000, I could get on the stage and share my story. For $1000 I could buy two minutes on a stage in front of three or four judges. I thought to myself, surely there was something else to the offer. A grand prize winner? The opportunity at a larger stage? Nope. There was no winner - just an invitation to share your message on the stage, be judged, receive feedback, and go home with a video recording.

            Let’s just say I did not want to make that $1000 investment. I was afraid. I had a scarcity mindset. I wasn't making money at the time, so I thought these guys were crazy. I walked away thinking “There's no way I'm giving you a thousand dollars!”

              As I walked away with my free ticket, I literally heard this internal voice (which I believe to be God) instructing me to go back to that desk and make the investment. I’m telling you, I did not think I had the money to spend. But I just knew I had to take the challenge and the risk in order to get from that event what I needed to get. So, somewhat reluctantly, I went back to that welcome desk and turned in my regular badge for a $1000 VIP badge.

                Well, I did it! I stood on that stage and shared my message. I still have the video today. I'm chubby. I’m sweaty. I’m wearing the worst outfit that you can imagine.

                  If I can do it, you can too! Enjoy this little bonus clip: CLICK HERE

                    It wasn't perfect by any stretch, but it was real. It was authentic. It was me. I wasn't trying to be Grant or Elena or Brendon Burchard or Pat Quinn. I was just being me.

                      Although it wasn’t perfect, I did have the framework in place that helped me be able to take that stage, and I received a standing ovation that day. I remember seeing my friend Brendon Bouchard in the audience that day, and I could tell that it deeply moved him. I saw his response and I knew something had changed for me.

                        That one small decision to take action and challenge myself catapulted me to places I never thought imaginable.

                          Here’s what that experience did for me. It validated that I needed to stop sitting on the sidelines. I had been sitting on my business idea for three or four years.
                          I was what I now call a WANTREPRENEUR. A wantrepreneur is a person who listens to all the training and buys the programs and products, while year after year they sit on their business ideas. And they often blame everyone and everything else for why they can’t do what they want to do.

                            Is that you today? If you have a business and no customers, you are a wantrepreneur. I know I was. I had my business idea for three or four years and I did nothing with it. But suddenly, at this event, the crowd heard me talk and they stood up to their feet and applauded me.

                              This was the lead domino that created a massive change for me that day. That was my opportunity.. 

                                Leaving that event that day, I knew that I had to do something like this for other people. I instantly knew that I wanted to create an event that gave people the opportunity to compete for the winning spot. I knew that a competitive edge would bring the best out of developing speakers and had this dream to have an American Idol for speakers. Not everyone can sing or dance, but everyone has a story. 

                                  For the last several years, we have been bringing the best of the best together to compete for that winning spot that opens a whole new world of exposure and opportunity. Last year, we partnered with Grant & Elena Cardone in 10x Stages, and The Great American Speak Off went to soaring heights with 27,000 registrants from all over the world! In the end, 150 speakers received Golden Tickets and were narrowed down to the top 30. 30 narrowed down to 12, and 3 of those contestants made it all the way through and received the opportunity to speak at the largest stage of their lives – Grant Cardone’s Growth Con. These winning contestants shared the same stage with superstars like Tom Brady, TD Jakes, Megan Kelly, Mark Wahlberg, and Sarah Blakely!  Unbelievable talent! Not to mention, they had the opportunity to share their message with 30, 40, and even 50 event planners who control some of the nation’s largest stages!

                                    I want to encourage you to go be a part of our Speak Off. This could very well be your opportunity moment.
                                    Every few months we're hosting auditions and giving golden tickets away. All you have to do is register. It's a free event with an option to upgrade to VIP for only $97, which gives you some additional training and guarantees your audition.

                                      I am so proud to say that I give people the opportunity to share their overcoming stories on a bigger scale and in a bigger way, which allows them to make an even greater impact.

                                        Think about all the times you’ve overcome hardships that have come your way. What is your personal story of triumph? What do you have to share that will relate to people who are where you once were? This is your signature talk and I want to give you the opportunity to share your story with the world!

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                                            See you back here next week!
                                            Pete Vargas III