Top Strategies in 2024 to Hit Your Targets | What Grant & Pete are Most Excited about in 2024 

Every week I take you backstage to show you what it takes to be a success. Today, I’m going to share with you some backstage, behind-the-scenes content from one of the greatest coaches on the planet – Mr. Grant Cardone. (Uncle G)

    One thing I love about Grant is his monster confidence. His confidence allows him to take quick and decisive action and make things happen. In a recent Q&A with my Backstage audience, Grant let us in on some insider tips he’s picked up on the road to super success. 

      1) Lose the need for approval.

        Needing approval from people will slow you down and ultimately keep you from being a strong, confident, and decisive leader. Losing the need for approval means you are not moved by either insult or praise. There will always be people who don’t like you and don’t agree with you. If you want to succeed, you can’t be moved by people who oppose you. On the same note, you also don’t want to be fueled by people’s praise of you. If you are a person who’s fueled by praise, what happens when it’s not there? You can’t be confident while stopping to see what everyone thinks of you along the way.

          2)  Deal with problems right away. 

            If you’re building a business and you see that someone on your team has done something wrong, don’t wait to deal with it. Too many people put it off until the moment for correction passes and then the issues continue. Be confident and take care of things right away. Your team is an extension of YOU. If you’re not being represented well by your team, deal with it immediately.

              3) Learn to say yes and no. 

                Too many people are saying yes to everything and don’t know how to say no. If you don’t know how to say no, you will eventually be totally out of control. Take time to consider where you are supposed to be invested and get good at saying no to the things that don’t take you in the direction of goals.

                  4) Become a master at improvising.

                    Being able to make quick decisions and think on your feet is an absolute must. Develop the ability to share your opinions and thoughts with clarity and confidence by using improv drills. One way you can do this is to take a friend or family member on in an on-the-spot debate. Grab a topic and go for it! Learn to gather your thoughts quickly and on demand. This skill will aid you greatly on the road to success.

                      5) Don’t worry about making mistakes.

                        You’re going to make mistakes. If you’re going to be a confident leader, you’re going to have to step out and take action. Sometimes, you’ll get it right and from time to time, you’ll get it wrong. But you’ll never be successful if you’re too careful or concerned with making a mistake.

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                              Pete Vargas III